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Green Drink... A health Energy Elixir A simple, Delicious Immune Booster


  • 1 box mixed green salad mix (optional)

  • 1 lg head of romaine or 3 romaine hearts (in package)

  • 1 head parsley de-stemmed flat leaf Italian

  • 1 med-lg head celery

  • 1-2 fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice

  • 4-6 cups water

Are you getting in your 2-4 bowls of green veggies a day? How about drinking them! You can add a protein powder and omega 3 fat for high vibe full meal. Blend all ingredients in a strong blender... to keep these lasting for days store in fridge in bottles with just greens no protein and fat...add them before eating!

Makes 5..32 oz bottle jars! Pati Reiss...The Holistic Gourmet


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