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Remembering Joan Mathews-Larson

Joan Mathews-Larson, PhD, one of the most important people in the world of addiction treatment, passed away on Tuesday. Joan was my mentor, inspiration, and a co-founder of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions which is the focus of my professional life right now. Her memory is a blessing to everyone on this planet struggling with any craving uncontrolled by talk therapy alone.

Here is her obituary:

Joan Mathews-Larson, Age 90, passed away peacefully on November 19, 2019.

Joan began her work over forty years ago. The loss of her son Rob, shortly after he completed a top-rated, 12-step treatment program, fueled a passionate search for more effective solutions to treat addictions. Convinced that alcoholism is not the result of emotional triggers or willpower weaknesses, Joan delved into the scientific research. She holds a doctorate in human nutrition and is the author of the national bestseller Seven Weeks to Sobriety, as well as Depression Free, Naturally. Her books have led the field into new ways of understanding chemical addictions and mental health problems. They have both been translated into several languages.

Seven Weeks to Sobriety has served as a textbook in upper-level nursing classes and continues as a manual for other treatment centers wishing to incorporate cause-based healing strategies into more progressive programs.

Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson founded the Health Recovery Center (HRC), her unique psychobiological model for treating addictions and emotional disorders in 1981 in Minneapolis, MN. The Center is continuing its work under the direction of her son and daughter Mark and Molly.

After more than 40 years, the success rates of HRC is unparalleled by conventional approaches. Not only do clients no longer drink, they no longer crave alcohol, nor do they suffer from depression, anxiety, or the myriad of symptoms that drive most alcoholics back to drink. (

Memorials preferred to Rob Mathews Memorial Foundation

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