Why Join the Alliance?

The Alliance for Addiction Solutions provides professional members with an “Umbrella of Validity.”

  • Membership in AAS is an investment in your professional credibility.

  • It’s an investment in personal development and growth.

  • AAS membership is a way to stay connected to fellow therapists and professionals who are going somewhere and don’t mind sharing that knowledge on the journey.

  • AAS offers you opportunities to mentor or be mentored. You may never get in the room with someone at the top of your field, for a very long time. But AAS gives you access with legends in the field of recovery.

  • AAS offers ongoing professional development via courses, workshops, publications, and information on their website shared only with members.



Plus, when you join the Alliance for Addiction Solutions, you are joining something much bigger than just a professional organization. You are contributing to a vision to spread recovery resources and health around the globe and YOU are part of that Solution!

Membership Levels



Organizational Membership


An addiction treatment facility, government agency, business or any other organization which joins AAS under this category may assign three employees to be members of AAS during their employment.  


Individuals who are granted membership through their member employer receive all the privileges of a public member if they are not direct care givers, or the benefits of a professional member if they individually fulfill the requirements for professional membership. 


The membership goes with the organization, so all employee members who leave that organization will need to apply as individuals to maintain their AAS membership, and their previous organizational membership place will be available to other organizational member employees.


Student membership


This type of membership is available to any student who is regularly enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate curriculum, and who can submit sufficient evidence of student status.


Student members may serve on committees, but may never compose the majority of any committee.  They may not serve on the executive committee.  However, a representative of the student membership shall be encouraged to offer advice to the executive committee on matters of mutual concern.  One student member can serve as a voting member of the Board of directors.


Public Membership

This type of membership is available to any member of the public who is interested in the biochemical repair of addictive disorders*, and who wants to learn more from exposure to the organization's professional members and educational materials and training.


Public members may serve as a non-voting member on any committee except the executive committee, but may never compose the majority membership of any committee.   One Public Member may serve as a voting member of the Board of directors.


Professional Membership

This type of membership is available to practitioners who are currently or who have been in active clinical practice or in an academic position involved with biochemical repair for addictive disorders*.  A member may achieve this qualification through studies in Alliance-approved training courses, tutorials, and/or through professional experience as a care provider in individual or group settings.  Professional membership is also available to credentialed health care providers who support the treatment philosophy of the Alliance, and who are interested in learning about the treatments and philosophy promoted by the Alliance.  



*“Biochemical repair of addictive disorders” includes the use of dietary therapy; oral and intravenous nutrient therapies; bioelectric devices; acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine methods; and mind-body integrated movement therapies such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong. 

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