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Alliance for Addiction Solutions History 

The Alliance for Addiction Solutions AAS was established September 29, 2007, in Sacramento, California, at the conclusion of the first Beyond Talk Therapy: New Frontiers in Addiction Treatment Symposium. A group of 21 speakers and participants joyfully discovered they had a common need to join others who understood the biochemical basis of addiction and used similar drug-free techniques to create lasting recovery.

The Symposium was sponsored the Community Addiction Recovery Association (CARA), a Sacramento non-profit dedicated to the use of acupuncture, nutrition, movement therapies, and other drug-free techniques to support the addicted brain.

For some members, the Alliance for Addiction Solutions offers their first opportunity to network in harmony with colleagues throughout the United States and Canada to accomplish their mutual goals. AAS members are also dedicated to educating the public about the growing field of holistic therapies for healing those whose lives have been shattered by addiction

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