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Certified Hypnotherapist


Shelly Jo Wahlstrom, CHT

Shelly Jo, owner of Shelly Jo Hypno, LLC and Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos, is a Certified Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Nutrition Coach specializing in Amino Acid Therapy. She is also a Presenter, Motivational Speaker, and Trainer for Hypnotherapists & Energy Healers who would like to add Amino Acids to their programs.

Shelly Jo has studied the Law of Attraction since her early 20’s and has always been a seeker of truth and light. After studying many books on self-help, motivation and positive energy, she developed a strong belief that the body is meant to heal itself. One must find the right key to healing. Shelly Jo understands just how powerful our thoughts are. Our beings are created mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Negative thoughts and emotional blocks can bind a person down for years and cause havoc on their physical bodies.

She has worked with many children and teenagers who have faced countless problems including: anger, sadness, school work, test taking, fear of going into high school, anxiousness, fear of the dark, sleep fears, and lack of confidence in trying out for sports teams.


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