2013 Denver, Colorado Training

TRANSFORMING THE ADDICTED BRAIN: Ending the Cycle of Chronic Relapse, Crime and Addiction: Pro-Recovery Nutrition, Neurofeedback and Acupuncture

October 10th – 13th, 2013 Embassy Suites, Denver

CO KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Barbara Stitt, PhD: Former Probation Officer and Author, Ending the Cycle of Crime & Addiction, PLUS Joan Priestley, MD: Overview – Problems and Promises, Christina Veselak, LMFT: Effective Use of Amino Acids and other Pro-Recovery Nutrients, Judith Miller, PhD & Julie Steenhoek: Neurofeedback for Addiction Recovery, Lianne Audette, L.Ac: How Ear Acupuncture Reduces Relapse, Mary M. Braud, MD: Amino Acids for Stimulant, Opiate, Tranquilizer, and Food Addictions, Pati Reiss, BA, HHC: Holistic Wellness and The Pro-Recovery Diet, Stan Stokes, MS, LPC, CAC, Founder of Bridging the Gaps, Inc.: The “Third Leg of The Addiction Stool”.

2013 Los Angeles Spring Training

TRANSFORMING THE ADDICTED BRAIN: An Experiential Training in Amino Acid Therapy, Nutrients, Acupuncture & The Pro-Recovery Diet for Successful Addiction Management.

February 15 – 17, 2013, Santa Ana, California

Two and a half days of comprehensive training with featured speaker Dr. Hyla Cass on Saturday evening. Introduction to Amino Acid Therapy, and its Place in Addiction Treatment Programs. Plus, panel discussion on: Dealing w/Multiple Meds (SSRIs, Bipolar Disorder, Antipsychotics), Detoxification and Early Recovery Issues, Oral & IV Amino Acids; Opiates, Special Problems with Benzodiazepine Addictions and Brainstorming.

2012 AAS Experiential Training Retreat

Back to the Basics with the Pioneers ~ A CLEAN & SOBER BRAIN Using Targeted Amino Acids and other Nutrients to Eliminate Neurotransmitter Dysfunction, the Number One Cause of Addiction

Gore, Virginia, June 8- 10, 2012

Two and a half days with pioneers in the field of addiction recovery headed by Julia Ross, MFT, one of the first and foremost clinicians in the U.S. using nutrients to correct addictive brain chemistry, since 1980. There were several presenters at this workshop: Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN, AAS founder, Carolyn Reuben, LAc, Pati Reiss, Recovery Health Coach and Recovery Diet expert, Stan Stokes, host and the Director of Bridging the Gaps treatment complex.

Holistic Treatment Conference

Las Vegas, April 2010

Conference Co-sponsor

National Acupuncture Detoxification Assoc. Conference

New Orleans, March, 2010

AAS provides information packets.

Neuroscience Meets Recovery

Las Vegas, 2009

Conference exhibitor

CARA’s Brain Repair for Addictive Disorders conference, AAS Meeting.

San Francisco, 2009

Weston Price Foundation Conference

San Francisco, 2008


Beyond Talk Therapy: New Frontiers in Addiction Treatment Symposium

September 29, 2007

Sacramento, California

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